Hamilton's Lancaster bomber, nicknamed Vera, arrived home from a UK tour on September 28, 2014. I live-tweeted and wrote a web story for CBC Hamilton and did two live News Now television hits and radio programs that afternoon.

A package I produced with NBC 7 San Diego to explain San Diego's housing bubble and bust. View video here. We stop at a house in the video which has had selling prices all over the map in recent years, telling a dramatic story of the housing boom and bust.

San Diego has the third-highest homeless population among major American cities. But it ranks 18th when it comes to a key source of federal funding to combat homelessness, my investigation found. Watch the clip and read the online investigation

As city leaders mulled a controversial change to its prized urban park, I went back in history to find other controversial land decisions in Balboa Park. Here, we explain why city leaders thought the park was a good home for 1.9 million tons of garbage. Online story here.

Science and art find common ground as neuroscientists study the way the brain processes beat. I interviewed a couple of those neuroscientists, John Iversen and Ani Patel, as well as internationally renowned percussionist Steven Schick. Watch the video here.

1930s-era murals from a shuttered San Diego brewery have been sitting in storage for more than two decades. I partnered with Angela Carone, arts reporter at KPBS to create a two-part radio and online series about what had happened to the art. Here, we discuss the unearthed murals on KPBS's evening program.

My 2010 special report with colleague Dagny Salas showed San Diego County provided considerably less aid to those on the bottom rungs of the economy than did other major counties in California. Here, we explain San Diego's food stamps enrollment.